Flash Art School Photography was born out of the post-covid crisis and the need to help schools manage the demands of maintaining a sense of normality, in a very abnormal time. I had been working for one of Northern Ireland’s top school photography companies for the last few years gaining valuable experience and felt that post-covid offered the opportunity to spread my wings.

The larger more established photographic companies will struggle to balance the time management vs demand quandary facing us in 2019-2020 and beyond with schools being understandably cautious and slowly moving forward. With a smaller client roster and a covid-safe paperless solution Flash Art Is well placed to assist schools in these unprecedented times, keeping the simple traditions in place to help bring a moment of joy and a smile to all those families readjusting to school life. A full online ordering platform, paperless with online pre-registration, galleries, and ordering with the delivery of photos direct to parents instead of the school, ensures less work for school staff but also most importantly less handling and risk of cross-contamination.


Flash Art & Board Of It Design

Flash Art has teamed up with Darren @ Board Of It Design to help cater to all your design needs, should you need an updated Staff Board or Child Protection Boards we can help you out, simply touch base with me here via or via Darren at