World Cancer Day

So today is World Cancer Day ….


And I wanted / Needed to do something … I don’t have money to give & I often feel frustrated by larger charities that have these huge expenses sucking up all those donations that could be put to good use … Its a double edge sword i guess and a necessary evil.

I do however have a certain set of skills … and time I can give to help those battling this disease … Both the individuals and the family members supporting them.

So if you follow me at all on Facebook – Mark McGrogan Photography – Then you may have seen my post this evening offering my services to families – Sufferers etc who would like a portrait with their loved ones.

Its a simple idea … Avail of my services & Make a donation amount of your choice and the proceeds will go to the ” Here I Am ” Survivor project which I have been involved with.

Now we just wait & see – Hopefully it will be a great success and i’ll have no time to catch my breath …

Here’s hoping – Peace love & good happiness stuff


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