The Leathems Annual Christmas Session

  So we kicked off the holiday season photo sessions with a bang, the lovely Christine, Katie & James made an appearance at Casa Flash Art for a few giggles and nice portraits as well. I’ve been lucky enough to be shooting these kids since they were born, but it’ always lovely to see the change from year to year when they come around for their annual Christmas shoot. The two young ladies are getting prettier by the day and looking so grown up now its scary! James is as crazy as every, but sure we wouldn’t have him any other way. The seasonal shoots are a cheap and cheerful option I run every year as a great option for those who have awkward family members to buy for, grandparents, uncles and aunties who don’t need another scarf or pair of socks but who’ll appreciate a wee boxed framed images of their favourite Niece or Nephew. The sessions are only £25 and last for 30-45 minutes and you get a wee boxed framed print as a momento of your day included in the price. Additional boxed framed prints can be purchased for only £15 and digital images from the session […]

Christmas Themed Photo Shoots

You all thought I was crazy, posting about Christmas themed photo shoots at the start of October. Now here we are almost 4 weeks in and Halloween is ahead of us this weekend and next Saturday is the 4th of November! Well I am here to remind you photo shoots will take place between the 4th of November up to Sunday 10th of December, so if you are interested in booking yourself in between now and then you can email me on or reach out to me on my Facebook page Mark McGrogan Photography. It’s a cheap and cheerful option which is a great idea for presents for those pesky parents / grandparents who are difficult to buy for, or your siblings aunties / uncles of the wee ones and you’ll always have those images to cherish yourself. They do grow up so fast! About Mark   I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in the sleepy village of Donaghcloney, Co. Armagh.   I studied Photography at college in Belfast. My early days were spent in a darkrooms processing 35mm film and printing Black & White photographs. Those days are long gone now & have since been replaced with […]

Beautiful Baby Competition – Summer 2016

So, I was fortunate to have been chosen last year to do the photography for the Ulster Gazette in Armagh and the Newry Democrat. The wee photo attached is of Rosie one of the siblings of an entrant, she was so cute I said to he mum that we just had to photograph her too. Now obviously social media and the magazines are full of retouched images, people looking their absolute best making us all feel like poo! But that is the beauty and power of the all mighty photoshop! Click on the link below to play with the wee slider I have on my contact page which will show you a Before & After retouched studio image. This is why it’s worth investing in a portrait session, put down the i phone, step away from your kindle and go old school and get pro to do it for you. We’ve all go caught up in happy snapping with digital cameras attached to every device you buy these days, but you just can’t beat a large piece of glass on the body of pro camera. Trust me, now go have a play on the link below. Studio Portraiture I […]

Wee James – Studio Session – Casa Flash Art

  Wee James is a character, what can you say … He’s a full on header, full of beans and never ever seems to let up! That said he’s always a good natured wee kid, always smiling and loves to be centre of attention. That doesn’t always guarantee an easy ride in the studio though, a two year old hyped up on sugar let loose in a blank space can melt ones head! You just have to be patient and wait for those little moments of magic, and with James you’re guaranteed that. I don’t mind kids going a little cray cray as they settle into their new surroundings, its only natural as they don’t really know how to deal with the strange new environment, the spotlight (literally) put on them as they’re put into place for their portrait to be taken. The first few pic’s can be a car crash or a moment of magic not to be repeated, either way it’s all part of the process. But you will be guaranteed more than a few keepers for sure. This picture took place in a quick session whilst he was visiting his auntie Pauline, the poses came naturally, unforced […]

Tina – Studio Portrait – Casa Flash Art

Tina – Studio Portrait – Casa Flash Art I remember seeing Tina a few times prior to photographing her, she worked in the town next to me. Immediately she stood out for obvious reasons, cute as a button and had a penchant for unusual colourful hair. As fate would have it she was a good friend of a friend, and it offered me the opportunity to capture her in the studio. She was a great subject, patient and had a great look and still to this day, this is one of my favourite images.   Studio Portraiture   I offer all year round weatherproof photography, via my studio Casa Flash Art at my home in Donaghcloney. Studio sessions last approximately an hour and allow for the option of both a light and dark background change should you have a preference. You may also want time for a costume change as well, so you can get the best out of the little ones photos too. The studio is a comfortable environment where kids can be themselves and parents can let me take over. An ideal spot for family portraits also, and the background changes will compliment both color and black & […]

Ulster Gazette & Newry Demo “Beautiful Baby ” Shoots April 2016

So the big day finally came around & after lots of preperation and blood sweat & tears we shot a lot of kids ! Not literally now – In an artistic fashion ! Sadly the images are exclusively for the papers & the competition and of course the eyes of the parents involved but alas I got this beautiful shot of wee Rosie, Sister to Heidi one of the girls entered and she came to support her wee sister ! I know too cute ! Here’s to the next round and lots more kiddies to photograph ! And to big sisters and the little things they do that go unnoticed 🙂   Mark