Portrait Sessions At Casa Flash Art

I’ve been so busy of late that I have not had time to talk about Portrait Sessions at Casa Flash Art, my home studio in Donaghcloney, Co.Armagh. The studio space is perfect for little people (kids) and big people (adults) too. Family sessions and 1st birthday cake smashes, we do them all. So feel free to touch base should you have a little person to capture or a upcoming birthday to celebrate, family gathering to document or maybe you just need headshots for a professional capacity. Drop me a line – info@markmcgrogan.com to book a session.   About Mark I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in the sleepy village of Donaghcloney, Co.Armagh. I studied Photography at college in Belfast. My early days were spent in a darkrooms processing 35mm film and printing Black & White photographs. Those days are long gone now & have since been replaced with Apple Mac’s & Photoshop, but my passion for creating a lasting image from scratch still excites me. I specialise in both Wedding Photography & Studio Portraiture & have a studio at home ( Casa Flash Art ) for all year round weather proof photography , I love the quality that studio light creates giving you […]

Here I Am – Cancer Survivor Project – Linda

We met Linda at our 3rd photo shoot in Belfast and also had the pleasure of meeting her beautiful daughter Emma. LINDA I was diagnosed with a Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma in July 2011. This is one of the forms of a very rare and aggressive cancer of the connective or supportive tissues of the body, more commonly known as LMS. My story began late in 2009, I had lost weight, felt bloated, very tired and had bowel problems. I spent the next 17 months being passed from one consultant to another, having various scans, x-rays and invasive procedures all to be told it was ‘just fibroids’. I accepted this diagnosis because I trusted the medical professionals even though I kept thinking that my symptoms just didn’t add up but never really thought or felt that the doctors were fully listening to me. At the end of 2010 I was given the choice, by my THIRD consultant, to live with them, or have them removed by having a hysterectomy. I thought about it over Christmas and as I was in so much daily pain decided to go ahead with it in the new year so I was booked in for July. All […]

Here I AM – Survivor Project – Elizabeth

The first things anyone will notice about Elizabeth are her smile, her genuine warmth and the beautiful sound of her laughter. She is an amazing, strong lady always willing to help and support others. ELIZABETH I am a mother of four, two of which are my step-children and a grand-daughter by my second marriage to Robert, (aka the Rock). I worked in the care industry for adults who have learning disabilities and have also dabbled in hair and beauty with family and friends. I went to see my local GP with a worrying lump, well, it felt like a plank, a 2 by 4 and I’m not joking! Thankfully my doctor was on the ball and got onto the City hospital to get me seen as soon as possible. I got an appointment on the 28th April 2013, and as results of test etc. and after sitting worrying all day in the hospital, I was asked to go to a room with a doctor and nurse. They broke the news to me, “There had been three objects detected in my left breast but nothing in my right breast”. I must’ve had a feeling the bad news was coming, it was […]

Ulster Gazette & Newry Demo “Beautiful Baby ” Shoots April 2016

So the big day finally came around & after lots of preperation and blood sweat & tears we shot a lot of kids ! Not literally now – In an artistic fashion ! Sadly the images are exclusively for the papers & the competition and of course the eyes of the parents involved but alas I got this beautiful shot of wee Rosie, Sister to Heidi one of the girls entered and she came to support her wee sister ! I know too cute ! Here’s to the next round and lots more kiddies to photograph ! And to big sisters and the little things they do that go unnoticed 🙂   Mark