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Engagement Shoots Pro’s and Con’s. Talking to potential brides & grooms at wedding fairs always opens up a discussion about Engagement Shoots. Some people have never considered the idea, some cannot wait to get stuck in and some HATE the thought of it! A lot of us just don’t feel comfortable infant of the camera, myself included. Shock horror, but don’t be surprised, most photographers are more comfortable on the other side of the lens. So I can totally understand the hesitation some people have regarding them, a lot of people dread the idea of the photographs on the big day never mind signing up for an additional shoot beforehand. But let me tell you why you should. It is the perfect opportunity for both bride & groom and photographer to have a proper introduction, a 5 minute conversation at a wedding fair is one thing, but an hour in each others company working together to get a set of images that you love is another. You will get a feel for your photographer and he or she will also get a feel for you. It is a valuable exercise for both parties so that you can know each others […]