Apr 05

Beautiful Baby Competition

So I know I tend to have many a varied job day to day photography wise …. But I am thrilled to be getting back to basics and doing what I love doing capturing wee ones in the Beautiful Baby Competition in association with the Ulster Gazette & Armagh Standard. It is going to be some craic let me tell ya there will be tears and tantrums and a few no doubt from the babies too !!!! Can’t wait for it all to kick off in ernest – Just waiting for the right number of entries to come through and we can get started and build up a fab collection of cute kids to melt hearts all over the county !!! Chat soon – Mark

Easter Holidays – Whoop Whoop !!!

So I got a few days off … And I was lucky enough to get away from the crappy weather to enjoy a week in Lanzarote which was good for the soul. Playa Blanca exactly and it was our second time on the island so I took to the road and hit the sights. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it .. It’s a weird and wonderful place with its volcanic landscape and it’s rugged terrain. Even with that I made a decision before I went to leave the camera at home – Take a true week off and rest the tired brain … When you’re self employed you just never seem to stop – But alas I had my trusty i phone for company and to capture any worthwhile images ! I must say even tho i’d never really considered putting any real thought into purchasing a lens for the phone after seeing the results of the i phone i’d be tempted … Anyway just a few shots for a laugh mostly and I used my Snapseed App to edit them on the phone itself and it wasn’t until I downloaded the images tonight that I was able to appreciate the quality that was there […]

Mullahead 2016

So with great pleasure I was asked again to document the annual Mullahead ploughing contest. This year saw their 101st competition which in itself is an amazing achievement – And all this following last years world record breaking feat !!! We had a beautiful days weather this year & the crowds were out in force to see an array of events organised by the team at Mullahead & a great day it was too – It’s a great family day out for activities of all ages to enjoy and well worth a trip out to the countryside to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the facilities. Im already looking forward to 2017 & wishing Mr & Mrs Mullahead ( Aimee & William ) all the best for their upcoming wedding in May – Time to relax & enjoy before the chaos of this gargantuan project starts all over again – Ciao for now !

World Cancer Day

So today is World Cancer Day ….   And I wanted / Needed to do something … I don’t have money to give & I often feel frustrated by larger charities that have these huge expenses sucking up all those donations that could be put to good use … Its a double edge sword i guess and a necessary evil. I do however have a certain set of skills … and time I can give to help those battling this disease … Both the individuals and the family members supporting them. So if you follow me at all on Facebook – Mark McGrogan Photography – Then you may have seen my post this evening offering my services to families – Sufferers etc who would like a portrait with their loved ones. Its a simple idea … Avail of my services & Make a donation amount of your choice and the proceeds will go to the ” Here I Am ” Survivor project which I have been involved with. Now we just wait & see – Hopefully it will be a great success and i’ll have no time to catch my breath … Here’s hoping – Peace love & good happiness stuff Mark

“Here I Am”

So I took part in my second shoot with the “Here I Am” Cancer Survivor Project,  A project close to my heart – I lost my father in Sept of 2013 after a two year journey & battle with Cancer. Sadly though my father Was a Survivor , He had his tumour removed & and to our knowledge it had not returned at the time of his passing. Instead my father was frail and the treatment – intensive radiation therapy took its toll on him and the next two years or so would be a hard lesson & journey for all of us of coming out the other side of such a diagnosis & a life changing conversation for all of us. Dad went through a lot on the other side of all of this – a hard journey both personal & emotional for him and all of the family too – Watching a loved one suffer on a daily basis isn’t easy – Its tough on the individual – Loss of independence and relying on others to help you get through your day – just to manage the simple things its a strain for all involved – But worse for dad […]

Website is back yeah baby yeah !!!

So with the help of an amazing young guy all the way in Bangladesh my website is back up and running !!! The lowdown was sadly through a hectic work schedule I just didn’t keep my eye on the site & a plugin got infected 🙁 So after trying to resolve said issue myself – Through screaming – cursing …. a lot of cursing …. I recognised I was not the man for this job … So on the recommendation of my brother I headed to https://www.freelancer.com/ & low and behold after a quick post for help I had offers flooding in ! I had a great experience with it and if you find yourself with a technical job just too big for your non technical mind – look no further that here for help 🙂 Anywho – I hope you guys like the newer refreshed 2016 2.0 version of the site – here’s to a healthy bug free year ahead !!! Ciao for now ….