Wee James – Studio Session – Casa Flash Art

  Wee James is a character, what can you say … He’s a full on header, full of beans and never ever seems to let up! That said he’s always a good natured wee kid, always smiling and loves to be centre of attention. That doesn’t always guarantee an easy ride in the studio though, a two year old hyped up on sugar let loose in a blank space can melt ones head! You just have to be patient and wait for those little moments of magic, and with James you’re guaranteed that. I don’t mind kids going a little cray cray as they settle into their new surroundings, its only natural as they don’t really know how to deal with the strange new environment, the spotlight (literally) put on them as they’re put into place for their portrait to be taken. The first few pic’s can be a car crash or a moment of magic not to be repeated, either way it’s all part of the process. But you will be guaranteed more than a few keepers for sure. This picture took place in a quick session whilst he was visiting his auntie Pauline, the poses came naturally, unforced […]

Tina – Studio Portrait – Casa Flash Art

Tina – Studio Portrait – Casa Flash Art I remember seeing Tina a few times prior to photographing her, she worked in the town next to me. Immediately she stood out for obvious reasons, cute as a button and had a penchant for unusual colourful hair. As fate would have it she was a good friend of a friend, and it offered me the opportunity to capture her in the studio. She was a great subject, patient and had a great look and still to this day, this is one of my favourite images.   Studio Portraiture   I offer all year round weatherproof photography, via my studio Casa Flash Art at my home in Donaghcloney. Studio sessions last approximately an hour and allow for the option of both a light and dark background change should you have a preference. You may also want time for a costume change as well, so you can get the best out of the little ones photos too. The studio is a comfortable environment where kids can be themselves and parents can let me take over. An ideal spot for family portraits also, and the background changes will compliment both color and black & […]

Here I Am – Cancer Survivor Project – Paul

Paul I have decided to share my story about cancer, from the first symptoms up until now but before I begin, let me just say that right now all is good. I hope this story will help others going through their own battle and also the family and friends of those who are fighting this beast. So, where to start! I am 44 Years old, civilly partnered and have a 21 year old son. Back in June 2013 I began to get headaches, just the average headache that would prompt you to reach for the paracetamol. These headaches lasted about a week until they graduated to intense shooting pains in my temple area that would last anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds then just stop. This was pain i never experienced before, so much so I was doubled over while they came. Now these headaches were only happening every week or two at first but by August it started to happen every few days. I decided to try and self-diagnose as I have never had faith in my Doctors due to lack of care the only other time I went. It seemed to be happening when getting up, like from […]

Here I Am – Cancer Survivor Project – Linda

We met Linda at our 3rd photo shoot in Belfast and also had the pleasure of meeting her beautiful daughter Emma. LINDA I was diagnosed with a Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma in July 2011. This is one of the forms of a very rare and aggressive cancer of the connective or supportive tissues of the body, more commonly known as LMS. My story began late in 2009, I had lost weight, felt bloated, very tired and had bowel problems. I spent the next 17 months being passed from one consultant to another, having various scans, x-rays and invasive procedures all to be told it was ‘just fibroids’. I accepted this diagnosis because I trusted the medical professionals even though I kept thinking that my symptoms just didn’t add up but never really thought or felt that the doctors were fully listening to me. At the end of 2010 I was given the choice, by my THIRD consultant, to live with them, or have them removed by having a hysterectomy. I thought about it over Christmas and as I was in so much daily pain decided to go ahead with it in the new year so I was booked in for July. All […]

Here I AM – Survivor Project – Elizabeth

The first things anyone will notice about Elizabeth are her smile, her genuine warmth and the beautiful sound of her laughter. She is an amazing, strong lady always willing to help and support others. ELIZABETH I am a mother of four, two of which are my step-children and a grand-daughter by my second marriage to Robert, (aka the Rock). I worked in the care industry for adults who have learning disabilities and have also dabbled in hair and beauty with family and friends. I went to see my local GP with a worrying lump, well, it felt like a plank, a 2 by 4 and I’m not joking! Thankfully my doctor was on the ball and got onto the City hospital to get me seen as soon as possible. I got an appointment on the 28th April 2013, and as results of test etc. and after sitting worrying all day in the hospital, I was asked to go to a room with a doctor and nurse. They broke the news to me, “There had been three objects detected in my left breast but nothing in my right breast”. I must’ve had a feeling the bad news was coming, it was […]

Test Drive – Lexus RX450h Sport

So recently I was lucky enough to test drive the Lexus RX450h, the latest incarnation of their highly successful RX range, my weapon of choice the RX450h F Sport. I have been fortunate in the past to have driven all the previous models in the Lexus RX range, so I was looking forward to see how the New 2016 RX would measure up to the its predecessor, & also to gauge the evolution of the vehicle as a whole, as it has dramatically changed with the development of in car technology, introduction of Hybrid technology & now in 2016 with its bold new design.     This vehicle has come a long way, from its early thirsty 3.0l petrol engine back in the late 90’s, to the more elegant and hugely popular RX300 which ran from 2003 to 2009, in between getting the RX400h ( Worlds first Hybrid SUV ) which was a game changer for Lexus and one which raised the bar and set their intent for years to come. I remember the RX400h well, its surreal ability to switch between the 3.3l petrol engine and its electric motors that gave you absolute silence while sitting in traffic and its power […]

NVTV News Cover Here I Am Survivor Exhibition

Our story is documented at 16 minutes and 50 seconds into the video – You’ll hear from Nina Cristinacce who was one of the founders of the projected and a cancer survivor herself, Paul Hutchinson cancer survivor & Alison McMinn cancer survivor and finally myself regarding being involved from the photographers perspective.
Oct 02

‘Dam’ Premier

So I attended the Premier of ‘Dam’ last Saturday. The boys done a superb job, both Michael & Conan in putting their vision into place and then Cillian Lenaghan & Conor Doran for their portrayal bringing their skills to the fore. A touching movie about young male suicide and the effect on those left behind, dealing with the aftermath. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Spelga Dam in the Mournes, Co.Down, the ariel photography provided by CineCopters was breathtaking and brought a real sense of scale to the project and again was poingnant in relation to how the boys felt after the loss of their friend. A great turn out at the Movie House on the Dublin road and a celebratory drink afterwards and a well deserved one at that, I left the boys in their element with friend and family talking about their achievements and the possibility of the next project. Congratulations once again – Here’s to the next!

Dam – A film written by Michael J. Daly & directed by Conan Mc Ivor

I was lucky enough to work with this talented team once again for their latest project ‘Dam’ – These guys really know how to knock one outta the park in just a few days. I joined the boys on day 4 as they were finalising their shoot with a focus on Drone filming along with an awesome team from ‘Cinecopters’.  These guys nailed it ! Beautiful work and it was amazing to see that ariel beauty of the Mournes just awesome ! Two young very talented actors in Conor Doran & Cillian Leneghan provide the talent for this short, and one the day I had the pleasure of meeting the gifted Gemma Garret who took care of makeup / Special Effects. I cant wait to see the final article and watch as this baby grows & grows in stature. Long may it last, Here are just a few images from the day.  

Ulster Gazette & Newry Demo “Beautiful Baby ” Shoots April 2016

So the big day finally came around & after lots of preperation and blood sweat & tears we shot a lot of kids ! Not literally now – In an artistic fashion ! Sadly the images are exclusively for the papers & the competition and of course the eyes of the parents involved but alas I got this beautiful shot of wee Rosie, Sister to Heidi one of the girls entered and she came to support her wee sister ! I know too cute ! Here’s to the next round and lots more kiddies to photograph ! And to big sisters and the little things they do that go unnoticed 🙂   Mark